Sep 19, 2012

I’m a Believer

I’ve always been a big believer in the offshore production model.  Before joining Deliver I had the opportunity to work with offshore teams at MTV and Hyperfactory (a mobile agency).  These experiences gave me a glimpse of the efficiencies that could be achieved by offshoring development work.

Since joining Deliver, I’ve experienced what’s truly possible.  As a digital engagement manager for two global consumer packaged goods companies, I see first hand the tremendous benefits companies can achieve by leveraging an offshore production model.

I recently visited our Bogotá, Colombia production hub, and wanted to share some of the best practices our team utilizes to maximize quality and productivity.

1.    Set realistic deadlines, project expectations, and clear technical specifications to keep everyone on the same page.

2.    Invest in team building.  Team building cements the relationship and lays the foundation for good communication and issue resolution.

3.    Provide a clear escalation plan that allows your offshore team to raise issues quickly.

4.    Establish daily status calls to strengthen team project knowledge, streamline workflow and ensure projects are on track.

5.    Give credit where credit is due.  When your team makes the impossible happen, or goes that extra mile, make sure you acknowledge it.  Everyone around the world likes to work with people who appreciate what they do.

Every day, Deliver’s 1,300 global production resources help clients execute mobile applications, websites, microsites, online ads and e-newsletters at a fraction of the cost they were previously paying, while providing quality work that meets or surpasses onshore production teams.  I am proud to be part of this team!

Manny (in the Khaki pants) with his new friends from our Colombia office.

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3 Responses to I’m a Believer

  1. Longchamp says:
    September 26, 2012 at 8:41 am

    That’s a good post.

  2. jazz piano says:
    September 26, 2012 at 1:44 pm

    Thank you so very much for putting this out here.

  3. Evan Bethea says:
    September 27, 2012 at 2:18 pm

    This is great insight. As an entry level Digital Coordinator, I am beginning to see the value in efficient production in the digital space.These four points really hit hit home for me at my agency.

    Keep up the awesome work!

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