Oct 1, 2012

The Future of Online Advertising

As technology becomes more commonplace, and consumers interact with brands across a number of platforms and formats, advertising will become more interactive, personalized, engaging, and useful.

This means that the number of ways in which people can interact with or experience brands is rapidly increasing – presenting new opportunities and challenges for advertisers.

With the rise of digital technologies and the Internet, consumers are now in the driver’s seat.  They have the power to choose whether or not to interact with brands, skip or turn off ads or simply opt out.

The future of advertising is not just about technology, but delivering an experience that adds value to a consumer’s shopping experience. And that experience will increasingly be delivered on mobile devices. Mobile advertising presents a significant opportunity for advertisers, as 90% of mobile users will own smart phones in the next two years, according to a recent Guardian article.

Here at Deliver, we work with clients and agencies to produce their online advertising to meet these new challenges and create opportunities. Below are some of the key trends we’re seeing and the challenges we are helping our clients solve:

  1. Online advertising will be increasingly interactive and personalized to deliver relevance and utility to value-driven consumers.
  2. As content marketing continues to gain popularity, advertisers will need to find new ways to customize their messages and make them contextually relevant to their target audience.
  3. Multi-screen consumers want consistent and interactive advertising across devices.  This requires advertisers and production partners to understand how to best tailor and optimize content and interactive characteristics to fit various devices or ad formats.
  4. Capitalizing on the success of sites like Pinterest, advertising should include visual tools that provide experiences that increase user engagement.
  5. With a challenging economy, advertisers need to deliver value added offers to consumers that create brand loyalty.

Advertisers that get it right will provide an engaging, diverse and interactive experience for consumers to meet their campaigns goals.

Yasir is a project coordinator at Deliver. He can be reached at Yasir.Dhannoon@deliveroffshoring.com.

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