Oct 24, 2012

Implementing a Global Digital Production Model: 5 Best Practices

More and more global brands are making the shift to offshoring digital production, and realizing tremendous efficiencies in the process. At Deliver, we help global brands everyday successfully implement and manage global digital production solutions.

We believe there are five best practices for getting digital production right on a global scale.

  1. Invest in a dedicated and focused team that’s working toward executing your creative strategies. An experienced production partner will design a production solution that provides talent in the locations and time zones that best meet each client’s individual business objectives and production goals.
  2. Develop a global rollout plan to streamline the transition to offshoring. At Deliver, we recommend clients develop an incremental rollout plan to perfect their production process and quality control measures. A proven, repeatable production process can then be rolled out globally, allowing brands to execute swiftly and with confidence.
  3. Establish clear roles and responsibilities between creative agencies, local marketing teams and the production partner. Establish upfront what needs to be approved by global creative and marketing teams, and what your production partner can manage with local marketing resources. This enables global teams to stay focused on priorities that revolve around strategy, and allows local marketing teams to execute regional campaigns in a timely manner.
  4. Engage local marketing resources to ensure success. Leverage local team expertise to understand the cultural variances that impact local campaign production. With this insight, you can ensure campaigns meet global standards, yet allow for local market flexibility. By involving local marketing teams in the process, brands get the buy-in they need to deliver high-quality campaigns globally.
  5. Create a global repository of creative assets for local market adaptation to maximize reuse and minimize unnecessary effort. This approach empowers brands to produce more assets, tailor them with more precision to local markets, while launching campaigns more efficiently and with greater speed-to-market.

By following these five steps brands can accelerate the performance of their marketing initiatives on a global scale.

Joe Zhou is a production coordinator with Deliver.

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