Nov 27, 2012

Emerging Trend: The Production of Animation Goes Offshore

As the economy continues to put the squeeze on production budgets in the US, the search for cost effective solutions has extended into the sphere of animation production. This specific area has experienced a noted increase in demand; particularly in 3D.

The larger entertainment companies have been taking advantage of lower cost offshore animation resources for years. But tight deadlines and revision cycles inherent to marketing have made it more challenging for corporate clients and creative agencies to leverage the talents of their offshore 3D animation production providers. The best providers have reacted to this obstacle by creating collaborative tools similar to the ones used for standard digital production workflow for websites, banners and application designs for overall development.

When we first saw the opportunities in 3D animation, we realized that the primary limiter for adoption would be the creative aspect. Animation is a dynamic high-energy team sport by nature, so we realized that we needed to create a production platform that would provide creative agency talent with an even greater level of access than our existing digital production clients enjoy.

The resulting solution provides “screen sharing” and markup capabilities that allow creative teams to collaborate and comment on complex motion and modeling work as it is being created. This paired with the existing asset and project management features of our DEPP platform now provides a very satisfying experience for hands on creative partners in the States. It all works the same as it always has: agencies submit storyboards, scripts and sketches to direct our team to execute their vision.  Our agency partners love the fact that they don’t have to sacrifice creativity and quality for cost savings.

Our production hub in Colombia has built a stellar team of 3D modelers and animators that have been delivering high-end projects for one client for over a year.  This partnership has yielded some amazing work and we have seen client savings of up to 40% vs. the standard service pricing in the States.

We are very proud of this new offering and our stellar animation group in Colombia.  They provide an awesome compliment to our global network of digital designers and developers.

*Courtesy of “The Cursor’s Curse” animation short


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