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Aug 13, 12

Is Digital Production Offshoring Right for You?

As companies and agencies continue to search for digital marketing efficiencies and savings, key decision makers are evaluating the viability of engaging an offshore digital production partner.  We’ve put together a quick assessment to help you determine if digital production offshoring is right for your company.

Companies that struggle with more than 5 of the factors below are poised to realize significant savings and efficiencies.

  • Moderate to high volume digital production needs.
  • Difficulty accessing specialized digital production resources when needed.
  • Digital marketing initiatives that demand high quality and exacting brand standards.
  • Multiple agencies (or teams) doing digital production work.
  • Inconsistent, inefficient or undocumented production standards and processes.
  • Difficulty executing global campaigns in local markets.
  • No standardized approach or templates for digital campaign assets.
  • No centralized automated digital production project management platforms.
  • Insufficient resources when speed to market is critical.

On average our clients realize a 20-50% savings on their current digital production budget.  If you answered yes to more than three of these questions, contact us to learn more.

Ben Rolly is VP, Business Development for Deliver North America.  He can be reached at

Mar 28, 11

Fortune 500 CMO on the Need for Speed

Speaking about the cost and time effectiveness of first-to-market campaigns like its ad on a Vanity Fair iPad app during last summer’s World Cup, the CMO of a Fortune 500 company expressed concern over the long process required for her and her agency partners to execute.

This pronoucement created a stir in marketing and advertising circles when she made that statement a few months ago at a major trade show. But, in our view, she was just speaking to the impacts of the tectonic shifts in the industry – increased velocity being one of the most important. It’s true that big marketers need to move quickly, but it’s much more difficult to do so when companies are relatively new to online channels, like iPad apps or mobile campaigns.

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Mar 18, 11

Q&A with Rick Brook, Senior Vice President, Global Clients Operations, WPP Group

An industry thought leader offers his unique perspective on optimizing cost structures and ROI models for digital marketing.

Q: Can you talk about the main financial challenges faced by digital marketers today?

A: At a macro level, marketers face much greater cost pressures than ever before. Budgets are smaller, but the urgency to produce results is higher. That fundamental challenge shapes all the others.

The truth is, many companies are still feeling their way ahead on both the value and cost elements for digital marketing. There is a lack of confidence because few marketers know what is appropriate to spend. They don’t know what kind of volume they need or what digital production should cost. This is also why procurement executives struggle to accurately cost digital marketing programs.

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Mar 8, 11

4 Things Digital Marketers Can Learn from IT Outsourcing

There’s no doubt that globalization has been one of the most profound forces in business and economics in the last century, and that IT and customer service outsourcing was one of the first large manifestations of this megatrend. Businesses realized they could dramatically and very quickly reduce costs , while consumers got to know a variety of global accents when calling IT help desks or tech support.

For early adopters, things didn’t always work out as planned.

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Feb 25, 11

Bridging the Procurement-Marketing Gap

One of the most profound changes to the marketing landscape in recent years has been the higher profile assumed by procurement officers. As budgets tightened, marketers had to do more with less, just like their counterparts in other corporate departments. At many companies, procurement teams – the folks responsible for buying everything from raw materials for manufacturing to corporate office space to paper clips – were asked to step in and negotiate better prices for marketing and creative services.

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Feb 18, 11

What is Digital Production?

The digital revolution has moved marketers closer than ever to realizing their ultimate fantasy – the ability to target specific messages to specific people at specific moments and places. And with tens of millions, even hundreds of millions, of global consumers reachable and ready to be engaged through a wide range of platforms and devices, the power of effective digital marketing seems limitless.

Unfortunately, in many cases, much of the potential value is lost to the high cost and complexity of managing the “production” or execution of digital marketing campaigns.

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Feb 4, 11

The Future of Advertising: Digital Marketing as Game-Changer

A recent Fast Company article on “The Future of Advertising” generated a lot of buzz in industry circles. The article’s thesis – which isn’t exactly 100% original – is that digital marketing represents an entirely foreign concept to most traditional agencies. Obviously, huge shifts are underway – no one disputes that point.  And digital channels certainly offer game-changing power to all types of marketers. But the article overstates or misses the mark in a few areas. See below for our two cents:

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Feb 2, 11

Forrester on Marketing Imperatives

Just how important is highly efficient and effective digital production to the future success of marketing organizations? A recent Forrester report, CMO Mandate: Adapt or Perish, (membership required) suggests that it’s extremely important.

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