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Jun 29, 12

Why Digital Agencies Must Become Master Collaborators

Ad Age recently published an article that argued that the “Team of Record”, as opposed to the “Agency of Record”, is the new agency paradigm. Teams of record, represent the sum of the agency partners that come together to service a client’s marketing programs. These teams of record often cross agency borders, with client’s selecting best-of-breed partners whether they exist in the same agency group or not. Leading advertisers like General Motors, Ford, Bank of America, and MillerCoors have begun embracing this collaborative model in order to broaden expertise and wring more savings from their marketing budgets.

Cost-cutting is quickly becoming the primary driver of collaboration. Marketers continue to face cost and spending pressure, and as a result, are looking to their agency partners to help them deliver the savings. Some agencies are proactively responding to the call. For example, Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of our parent company, WPP Group, has committed that WPP will strive to provide cost savings of 10 – 20% for clients on an annual basis.

One area that promises to deliver these kind of savings is on the production side of the marketing equation. Outsourcing production, particularly for digital initiatives, where spend continues to increase, provides not only cost-efficiency, but enhanced brand consistency and time-to-market. What’s more, by outsourcing to experienced production partners with production experts in low cost markets, marketing organizations can realize savings between 20-50%.

Agencies have long collaborated with marketing services partners to extend the reach of their campaigns into retail establishments, live experiences, and social media. However, many advertisers feel uneasy about introducing partners into production processes traditionally undertaken within their own agency. Agencies need not worry if they have a production partner that makes the collaboration process simple, seamless, and risk-free. When choosing a production partner, ensure:

  • Offshore digital production experts have deep expertise across digital media, and are well versed in working with creative agencies.
  • The production partner has a well-defined process to transition and manage work from the creative agency, as well as ensure quality deliverables.
  • Collaborative communication technologies are leveraged to ensure all stakeholders remain up-to-speed on projects no matter the time zone they operate in.
  • The production partner has broad execution reach, with staff in local markets globally.

Agency collaboration is here to stay. Clients are demanding it and agencies must master it.

Ben Rolly is VP Business Development North America at Deliver. He can be contacted at

Apr 6, 11

Breaking Up May Be Hard to Do, But Is It Very Much Worth Doing

As the digital marketing revolution continues, many marketing organizations struggle to define the optimal structure for their teams. To say the least, traditional agency relationships have fragmented. Even within digital marketing, more than a few large companies have dedicated partners or independent groups responsible for different channels or activities – one team specializing in social media, another handling content management for the Web site, and another developing microsites for special promotions or events.

Given the rapid and profound evolution of 21st-century marketing, it’s impossible to say that there is one best approach, or a specific optimal number of agencies. The best-of-breed model gives marketers another advantage: access to deep domain expertise in complex and emerging channels, though on the other hand it may also increase the time and effort necessary to manage and coordinate their programs.

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Mar 18, 11

Q&A with Rick Brook, Senior Vice President, Global Clients Operations, WPP Group

An industry thought leader offers his unique perspective on optimizing cost structures and ROI models for digital marketing.

Q: Can you talk about the main financial challenges faced by digital marketers today?

A: At a macro level, marketers face much greater cost pressures than ever before. Budgets are smaller, but the urgency to produce results is higher. That fundamental challenge shapes all the others.

The truth is, many companies are still feeling their way ahead on both the value and cost elements for digital marketing. There is a lack of confidence because few marketers know what is appropriate to spend. They don’t know what kind of volume they need or what digital production should cost. This is also why procurement executives struggle to accurately cost digital marketing programs.

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Feb 18, 11

What is Digital Production?

The digital revolution has moved marketers closer than ever to realizing their ultimate fantasy – the ability to target specific messages to specific people at specific moments and places. And with tens of millions, even hundreds of millions, of global consumers reachable and ready to be engaged through a wide range of platforms and devices, the power of effective digital marketing seems limitless.

Unfortunately, in many cases, much of the potential value is lost to the high cost and complexity of managing the “production” or execution of digital marketing campaigns.

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Feb 1, 11

About This Blog (And Why You Should Read It)

We started this blog because we believe digital production capabilities have never been more important to successful marketing. That’s true because of the fundamental and – even radical changes – occurring in our industry. Markets are globalized. Consumers are empowered. Communications channels are cluttered. Margins are tight, and budgets are shrinking.

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