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Jul 30, 12

5 Ways Digital Production Outsourcing Can Accelerate Your Marketing Performance

A recent article on Marketing Profs highlighted that CMOs and their marketing teams are seeking new opportunities to improve performance in two key areas: effectiveness (the ability to produce the desired result) and efficiency (reducing waste).

Digital production outsourcing is one way that marketers can realize greater efficiency and effectiveness in their marketing campaigns and programs. Outsourcing the production component of digital programs can accelerate the performance of your marketing initiatives in the following ways:

  1. Stretch your marketing dollars: By leveraging an outsourced digital production model, companies achieve significant savings. For example, our clients typically realize savings of 20-50% off their current digital production costs. Savings are achieved by an optimized delivery model that includes: staffing in low-cost markets, team and activity consolidation, and process standardization. Companies are taking that savings right to the bottom line or reinvesting it to fund new marketing channels waiting for investment.
  2. Access expertise as needed: Your marketing strategy should not be limited by the talent and skill sets that exist within your current practice. A digital production network should provide clients with deep expertise across a range of advanced digital platforms and technologies, so you can execute your strategies exactly. Once more, access is flexible, letting you efficiently manage the peaks and valleys of demand and budget.
  3. Achieve faster time-to-market: Proven, repeatable production techniques and process optimization; including automation, templatization and standardization are essential to achieving both speed-to-market and quality. Well-defined production processes and quality control measures allow marketers to execute swiftly with confidence.
  4. Gain complete visibility: When you consolidate digital production with one partner using a centralized workflow and project-reporting platform, you gain complete visibility across all your digital marketing programs. This level of transparency makes it easy to reduce waste and redundancy. For example, after consolidating production with Deliver, one of our clients realized that each of their operating units was purchasing similar visual assets. They were able to eliminate duplicate spend and implement an asset management program for more effective reuse.
  5. Ensure brand consistency: Companies that operate globally are constantly challenged with maintaining brand consistency in local regions. Brands can achieve campaign consistency when they engage local marketing teams early in the production process to establish a mix of fixed global campaign assets along with flexible units that allow for local market adaptation.

By executing on the above principles with an experienced production partner you can achieve both efficiency and effectiveness, freeing up time and resources to think more strategically.